Amistad (1997)
Front Cover Actor
Morgan Freeman Joadson
Nigel Hawthorne Martin Van Buren
Anthony Hopkins John Quincy Adams
Djimon Hounsou Cinque
Matthew McConaughey Baldwin
David Paymer Secretary Forsyth
Razaaq Adoti Yamba
Pete Postlethwaite Holabird
Abu Bakaar Fofanah Fala
Stellan SkarsgÄrd Tappan
Movie Details
Genre Drama; Mystery; History
Director Steven Spielberg
Producer Steven Spielberg; Debbie Allen; Robert Cooper
Writer David Franzoni
Studio Dreamworks; Dreamworks Video
Language English
Audience Rating R
Running Time 2 hr 35 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Amistad is a story about a group of African Slaves who revolt against the slavery system that was widespread in 19th century in the western colonies. These slaves take control of the ship carrying them "La Amistad", and after that there ship was found by American marine officers, who hand them over to local government. Then the main plot starts, almost whole of the story is told in the Courtroom. The slaves are lead by Cinque (Djimon Hounsou), who was the prince of his African region. a couple of men including John Quincy Adams (Anthony Hopkins) come to their rescue and defended them and argued for abolishing Slavery from the New World. The film has a happy ending as John Adams proves that the Slave came from a free county and not a colony held by any western country.
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