Lewis & Clark & George (1997)
Front Cover Actor
Rose McGowan George
Dan Gunther Clark
Brian Taylor Boyfriend
Salvator Xuereb Lewis
Art LaFleur Fred
James Brolin Reverend Red
Jerry Gardner Yo-Yo Man
Richard Butterfield Pickup Cowboy
Sally Jackson Waitress
Suzanne Mari Nefertiti
Tamara Clatterbuck Blond Hooker
Holly Riddle Betty
E.E. Bell Mailman
Paul Bartel Cop
Aki Aleong Chang
Movie Details
Genre Comedy; Crime; Thriller
Director Rod McCall
Producer Ed Cathell III; John Davis; Dan Gunther
Writer Rod McCall
Language English
Audience Rating R
Running Time 1 hr 22 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Three makes for a dangerous crowd in this darkly comic crime story. Convicted murderer Lewis (Salvator Xuereb) breaks out of prison with Clark (Dan Gunther), who is doing time for computer fraud. The escapees are heading to New Mexico in search of a secret map to a gold mine that was hidden by a prisoner who recently met with a fatal accident. Clark, however, doesn't like Lewis, and Lewis only has Clark around because he's functionally illiterate and needs help reading maps. Meanwhile, George (Rose McGowan), a young woman who never speaks, has hit the highway after lifting the $10,000 that she and her boyfriend Fred (Art LaFleur) were given for a shipment of drugs that they never actually delivered. After Lewis impulsively shoots one person too many, Clark strikes out on his own, and while hitchhiking, he gets picked up by George, who has stolen a car and has a poisonous snake for protection. George learns about Clark's secret gold mine, and eager to get on his good side, she seduces him. While George spells "trouble" so clearly that she should have the word tattooed on her forehead, Clark falls for her like the proverbial ton of bricks; Lewis also finds "romance" of his own with a sleazy woman he meets in a trailer park before meeting up with Clark at the location of the hidden map. Deciding that they work better as a team, Lewis and Clark head out to Mexico in search of the gold, with George tagging along, but what they don't know is that Fred has been following her, convinced that George still has his money. This was Rose McGowan and Salvator Xuereb's second film together, after appearing in Gregg Araki's post-modern road movie The Doom Generation. — Mark Deming
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