Home for the Holidays (1995)
Front Cover Actor
Holly Hunter Claudia Larson
Robert Downey, Jr. Tommy Larson
Anne Bancroft Adele Larson
Charles Durning Henry Larson
Geraldine Chaplin Aunt Glady
Cynthia Stevenson Joanne
Austin Pendleton Peter Arnold
Randy Stone Man In Car
David Strathairn Russell Terziak
Amy Yasbeck Kitt
Dylan McDermott Leo Fish
Steve Guttenberg Walter Wedman
Emily Ann Lloyd Brittany Lace
Movie Details
Director Jodie Foster
Language English
Audience Rating PG-13
Running Time 1 hr 43 mins
Country USA
Color Color
It's been said that while most people love their families, they don't always like them very much, and that emotional dividing line is the heart of this comedy directed by Jodie Foster . Claudia Larson ( Holly Hunter ) usually approaches family reunions with a certain trepidation, but as she prepares to fly from her home in Chicago to her parent's place in Baltimore for Thanksgiving, she is more apprehensive than usual. Claudia has just lost her job, she's not feeling at all well, and her teenage daughter Kitt ( Claire Danes ), who is staying behind, informs Claudia on the way to the airport that she plans to use the weekend to lose her virginity with her boyfriend. The family festivities are already under way when Claudia arrives at the home of her mother Adele ( Anne Bancroft ) and father Henry ( Charles Durning ). Claudia's brother Tommy ( Robert Downey Jr. ), whose homosexuality is tolerated without being discussed on a practical basis, has brought along his new friend Leo Fish ( Dylan McDermott ), to the disappointment of several members of the family, who had grown to like Tommy's former lover. Tommy doesn't get along well with his fussbudget sister Joanne ( Cynthia Stevenson ), who wears her self-sacrifice like a badge of honor, and he simply hates her husband Walter ( Steve Guttenberg ), who has often been the target of Tommy's barbed sense of humor. While the siblings and in-laws struggle to remain civil, their quite eccentric Aunt Galdys ( Geraldine Chaplin ) arrives; she insists on discussing her digestive problems, and after a few drinks, she confesses her long-ago lust for Henry. Home for the Holidays was Jodie Foster 's second film as a director, and the first in which she didn't also star. — Mark Deming
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