Hell Town - The John Wayne Collection (1937)
Front Cover Actor
John Wayne Dare Rudd
Marsha Hunt Judith Worstall
Johnny Mack Brown Tom Fillmore
John Patterson Hardy
Monte Blue Bart Hammond
Sid Saylor Dinkey Hooley
Lucien Littlefield Buyer
Nick Lukats Jim Fallon
James Craig Buck Brady
Jack Kennedy Sheriff Stark
Lee Prather Stranger
Alan Ladd Inspector
Jack Daley Gambler
Vester Pegg Bartender
Jim Thorpe Sam
Movie Details
Director Charles Barton
Studio Paramount
Language English
Audience Rating NR
Running Time 0 hr 50 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Paramount borrowed John Wayne from Republic Pictures for the studio's second screen version of Zane Grey 's Born to the West , which was also the Western's original release title. A couple of drifters, Dare Rudd ( Wayne ) and Dinkie Hooley ( Sid Saylor ), arrive in a Wyoming town hoping for a handout from Dare's rancher cousin, Tom Fillmore ( Johnny Mack Brown ). Dare takes but one look at Tom's girlfriend, Judy Worstall ( Marsha Hunt ), and decides to stay in town. He obtains the job of chuck wagon cook, but Judy, who is falling for the charming newcomer, convinces Tom to give Dare a job with more responsibilities. To get rid of a potential rival and to prove Dare's irresponsibility once and for all, Tom assigns his cousin the job of selling the herd. Unbeknownst to either Tom or Dare, however, saloon owner Bart Hammond ( Monte Blue ) also has his greedy eye on the herd and sets a trap for Dare. Hell Town used quite a bit of stock footage from the original silent version, Born to the West , which had starred Jack Holt . — Hans J. Wollstein
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