Lone Ranger, The - The True Origins of the Legendary Masked Man (1949)
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Clayton Moore The Lone Ranger
Silverheels, Jay Tonto
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Genre Action; Adventure; Western
Studio Alpha Video
Language English
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Running Time 1 hr 15 mins
Country USA
Color Color
The True Origins Of The Legendary Masked Man

Clayton Moore stars as the legendary Lone Ranger with Jay Silverheels as his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, in this story of the origins of the West's most mysterious hero.

Six Texas Rangers, led by Captain Dan Reid, set out to capture the notorious Cavendish gang. They are led into a trap as they ride through the narrow path in the cliffs known as Bryant's Gap where they are brutally ambushed. All of the Rangers are shot and left for dead. Tonto, a Mohawk Indian scout, happens upon the scene of the massacre and discovers one of the Rangers half alive. Carrying the badly wounded man to the shelter of a nearby cave, Tonto nurses him back to health. The survivor, John Reid tells his story to Tonto and the two become friends.

Wearing a mask as a memorial to his fallen comrades and to protect his identity, armed with silver bullets, astride the magnificent white stallion, Silver, The Lone Ranger is born, vowing to bring justice to the Cavendish gang. The Lone Ranger will go on to strike fear and terror into the hearts of all who would do evil in the old west.

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