Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
Front Cover Actor
Ray Milland Stephen Tolliver
John Wayne Capt. Jack Stuart
Paulette Goddard Loxi Claiborne
Raymond Massey King Cutler
Robert Preston Dan Cutler
Lynne Overman Capt. Phillip Philpott
Susan Hayward Drusilla Alston
Charles Bickford Bully Brown, mate of the Tyfib
Walter Hampden Cmmdre. Devereaux
Louise Beavers Maum Maria
Martha O'Driscoll Ivy Devereaux
Janet Beecher
Ben Carter
Lane Chandler
Movie Details
Genre Action; Adventure; Drama
Director Cecil B. DeMille
Producer Cecil B. DeMille; William H. Pine
Writer Charles Bennett; Jesse Lasky Jr.; Thelma Strabel; Alan Le May
Studio Paramount; Universal Studios
Language English
Audience Rating NR
Running Time 2 hr 4 mins
Country USA
Color Color
John Wayne was in the early stages of superstardom when this lavish Cecil B. DeMille adventure was produced in 1942, so it's interesting to see the Duke in a heroic supporting role as opposed to the commanding one. Here he's on equal footing with Ray Milland in the romantic lead; they play a pair of dashing yet wildly different characters who've both fallen for a feisty Southern belle played by Paulette Goddard. It's 1840 on Florida's Key West, and while Wayne plays a daring seaman eager to command a brand-new steamship, his ambitions are hampered by his daredevil reputation and the ruthless profiteering of a salvager (Raymond Massey) who preys on ships that are routinely wrecked in the Key's rocky coastal waters. Milland plays the dapper gentleman who can decide Wayne's future, but Wayne's competitive edge leads to a progression of apparent betrayals and shifting allegiances. Ultimately, both men cast aside their differences to seek justice on the open sea, where an underwater encounter with a giant octopus threatens to bury them both in a watery grave. Providing spectacle and romance as only DeMille could serve it up, this blustery adventure has its share of corny dialogue and obligatory crowd-pleasing action, but that's all part of the movie's considerable charm. It's like Gone with the Wind on the open sea, with the high-spirited Goddard (who had been a candidate for the role of Scarlett O'Hara) holding her own with her chest-thumping costars. DeMille fills his frame with delightful characters and background business, spicing up the story with just enough humor and hokum to offset the movie's forgivable flaws. Presented in glorious Technicolor that's been flawlessly preserved on DVD, the film earned Oscar nominations for its cinematography and costumes, and its still-exciting climax earned an Oscar for Best Special Effects. All in all, this is rousing Hollywood entertainment from the peak years of the studio system that DeMille had dominated for decades. --Jeff Shannon.
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Format DVD
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