Firefox (1982)
Front Cover Actor
Clint Eastwood Mitchell Gant
Freddie Jones Kenneth Aubrey
David Huffman Buckholz
Warren Clarke Pavel Upenskoy
Ronald Lacey Semelovsky
Kenneth Colley Colonel Kontarsky
Klaus Löwitsch General Vladimirov
Nigel Hawthorne Pyotr Baranovich
Stefan Schnabel First Secretary
Thomas Hill General Brown
Dimitra Arliss
Bernard Behrens
Ward Costello
Movie Details
Genre Action; Thriller; Sci-Fi
Director Clint Eastwood
Producer Clint Eastwood; Paul Hitchcock
Writer Craig Thomas; Alex Lasker
Language English
Audience Rating PG
Running Time 2 hr 16 mins
Country USA
Color Color
You can tell Clint Eastwood is getting old by all of the "retired" characters he plays who are pressed back into service, as in this early '80s effort. It's one of Eastwood's lesser action entries, in which he served as both star and director. He plays a retired fighter pilot who is enlisted by the U.S. government to infiltrate the Soviet Union (back in the days when it was still an Evil Empire) and steal an ultra-top-secret fighter plane with all kinds of superior capabilities (back when the Stealth bomber was still a struggling prototype). Sure, no problem. Except that it takes forever to actually get Clint into the plane--and once he's got it, he keeps interrupting the fighter-plane sequences (the best thing about the movie) to land the thing and have fistfights and gunfights. --Marshall Fine
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