Coach Carter (2005)
Front Cover Actor
Samuel L. Jackson Coach Ken Carter
Robert Ri'chard Damien Carter
Rick Gonzalez Timo Cruz
Rob Brown Kenyon Stone
Nana Gbewonyo Junior Battle
Antwon Tanner Worm
Channing Tatum Jason Lyle
Ashanti Kyra
Texas Battle Maddux
Denise Dowse Principal Garrison
Rob Brown (VI)
Movie Details
Genre Drama; Sport
Director Thomas Carter (II); Thomas Carter
Producer David Gale; Brian Robbins
Writer Mark Schwahn; John Gatins
Studio Paramount
Language English
Audience Rating PG-13
Running Time 2 hr 16 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Based on a true story of the man who locked his boys out of the gym until they focused on their schoolwork, this by-the-numbers crowd-pleaser holds together because a steely Samuel L. Jackson refuses to notice the parade of clich├ęs he's trumpeting (the dialogue sticks to platitudes like, "Success in here is the key to success out there"). Coach Ken Carter (Jackson) takes over an unruly team of Richmond, California basketball players and teaches them how to play--and behave--like champions. His plight, which pits him against an uncooperative school board and parents who've given up hope, holds some interest, but the film is too concerned with giving us a Big Game every twenty minutes or so. The teens all have the spark of life in them (including pop star Ashanti, who features in a surprisingly well-handled teen pregnancy subplot), though the film's plodding familiarity means it's never really rousing, adding up to simply a good-natured amalgam of Stand and Deliver, Hoosiers, Dangerous Minds, and even Dead Poet's Society (one of the tougher players actually recites some inspirational poetry).--Steve Wiecking
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